Neuro-Training through the eyes

Neuro Brain Wiring

If you watched the short video from my blog last week you would have seen that the visual system is part of the brain and used in a closed loop system. It is extremely important because we use our eyes to receive input for our day to day tasks or performance. Our brain then will sort the input that is received and if our eyes are not running optimally then the decision by the brain may be altered due to the distortion within our tools aka eyes. If our tools are wrong or misused then we are not effective humans and this can result in pain, injury, etc. I am not saying to just work on your visual system to eliminate your ache(s)/pain(s), but over time you will move better to reduce or prevent poor mechanics. Some however may be shocked and see some direct change that eliminates their ache(s) or pain(s). Now I get some of you may be hesitant to believe what I am saying about the visual system working with the brain to help your mechanics.

This blog is not about all the geeky/nerdy facts that I personally love reading about or to convince you, so yes approach with caution as we have seen too many trends, gadgets, and phoney’s when it comes to health and wellness. With that said if you feel like you want to know more feel free to ask me questions about it. You can also check out Dr. Cobb Vision Gym to read a bit more about the importance of our vision and how there are many variables that are working against making our eyes better even as you read this blog and stare into your screen. As Dr. Cobb describes it; our vision is part of our internal GPS that helps us better navigate through life. If we work on it this will prevent or even reversing aging in our life let alone have performance gains.

Let’s get to the final point of this blog. Over the past week some of you have seen me working on some of members or you may have heard about me working on members. I will continue this as mentioned in the last blog. Maybe I have not had a chance to work on you but you are curious in getting started or seeing the benefits of this “Eddie Voodoo Stuff”. How can you be a part of it or see the benefits more? Visual training workshop is coming to help personal issues and learn more about the importance of neurology. I have not yet finalized all the details such as group size, cost, length, etc. Just know that I plan on getting a workshop going for April 11. In the coming week I will be finalizing the structure of this workshop and releasing all the details so don’t shoot me if something changes from now till then. The intent of this workshop will be to learn and practice drills to help your visual system in order increase your input capacity and effectiveness. Learn and progress how to assess and re-assess yourself to know if the right drills are being done for you. Become educated to understand how and why the visual system is important for our living. Finally walk away with GAINS! Now in the past with similar workshops ran by Dr. Cobb and he has created “The Vision Gym”. In his Vision Gym he explains and gets into some background of the visual system and importance. I will be using that as well as the information I have learned to tailor this workshop. If you do not wish to be part of this workshop Z-Health offers The Vision Gym online to purchase and do on your own at any given time. As mentioned I will be working with Vision gym to run this workshop, but will be tailoring it for our purpose and adding some other valuables to this workshop that I gained in my Essential Elite Performance course. It will be hands on initially but the core work will be done during your day for short periods. I will get into that more once I finalize my structure.

I look forward in working with many in this workshop and seeing the great results that can come when working with our neurology. Stay tuned for my next blog for a better understanding of the workshop. Again if any questions or curiosities are out there feel free to chat with me.


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