CrossFit Waterloo’s 2016 Open Wraps Up Saturday… And I’m Excited!


Hey Everyone,

With the 2016 CF Open wrapping up, I’d like to share a few points on why I feel like a proud Dad (not that I have any actual experience on this topic) watching over our CFW community so far. As most of you know, it has been a difficult year for me personally as an athlete sitting out this year (tending to a pretty nasty soccer injury). However despite the injury, this is still one of the most positive and memorable CF Opens for CFW in my mind. Here’s a few reasons why, in no particular order…

  • Team CFW is sitting in the top 45 in Canada East! Some notables are newcomer Jadzia and CFW veteran Emily Z who are both sitting in the top 100 in Canada East! Coach Yashar and Jess are sitting around the top 200, and Alex Z and Coach Brent seem to be making their weekly contribution to our team. What makes it greater is that we even have some of our other team members making the top 3 scores for the weeks as well!
  • As of now in the 14-15 year old teen category, Mya B is sitting 2nd in Canada East, and top 60 world-wide! This is an incredible accomplishment no matter where she ends up, and we should all come help cheer her on for a strong finish and a shot at top spot in Canada East.
  • We have over 15 people participating in their first CF Open! There are several reasons why we think you should all do the Opens as mentioned in this previous Blog, and we are so proud to see the new faces. One notable person is Carla V who just joined CFW a couple months prior to the Open and asked me for some advice on if she should do it… obviously she took the advice and is not regretting it so far (hope she hasn’t seen 16.5 yet).
  • How about that “6am crew”? A few of the morning regulars, who have been members at our gym for years have finally decided to opt in… and so far I have seen many of them and our other members accomplish what they didn’t think they could (first bar MU anyone?) thanks to joining the Open!
  • Our Master’s are representing CFW well as Dave M is sitting top 25 and Shawn B is sitting top 60 in Canada East… well done gentlemen.
  • How about Sandy who had a pretty serious shoulder injury while stunt water sporting just this summer? Since then, she has worked hard on her recovery at CFW and is participating this year for the first time! What’s your excuse?

I can keep these points going on and on, as so many of you guys have your own accomplishments this year to be proud of. The points above are just some examples of why this is my favorite time of year at the gym. The general atmosphere, positive vibes, and encouragement I have seen from our participants, their families, friends, and our coaches is probably the most important point of all in my opinion.

It has been such a pleasure observing, coaching, and judging ALL of our athletes so far, and each and every one of you guys make me very proud in one way or another. You have all inspired me to even more passionately continue on my road to recovery and work hard this year to prepare for the 2017 Open.

I encourage all of you that are not participating in the CF Open this year to come out this Saturday at 12 noon for the final week to cheer on and support our community in completing this year’s contest! If you do, I am sure you will also find the same motivation and energy that I have from the sidelines.

Chris Vranes

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