Z-Health Training Update


As some of you know I been away recently growing my personal knowledge to better support and guide many of you. In the past 8 months I have been diving into a lot of the Neuroplasticity within athletes (yes that means anyone that moves to be better; to a higher athletic level or general fitness level). I have spent a few days in Denmark doing a course with Z-Health Education and then spent a few more days in Germany shadowing Coach Tina from Mein CrossFit. The past few days were not just great in advancing my personal knowledge, but mind changing in understanding the human body to another level that I did not know was possible.

I am writing this to let all of you know that in the coming weeks/months I will be messing around with a few practices and creative ideas, which almost guaranteed is to come off to some of you as weird, unorthodox, or like WTF is Coach Eddie on. Change can be good as we know it but at times it is risky when unsure. However change it is great with the correct knowledge and support. I can’t say enough about the Z-Health team and the course. I have also been very fortunate to have the recent experience as well of shadowing and working with Tina and  am very grateful for the opportunity. Some of you will remember Tina as a past CrossFit Waterloo member. As she was one of our original member part of the original competitor team that I worked closely with to have her place 17th at the Regionals in 2011 with us. I can confidently say that our relationship is giving and the student has outgrown the mentor. Now she is giving back and I have become a student with Neurology. As I keep gaining more knowledge I look forward to taking many of you to a greater optimal level of performance! I know many of you are eager to learn what I have learnt and I promise to start incorporating it as soon as I can. 🙂


P.S. If you have not watched Neurology 101 by Doc I encourage to spend the 6 minutes and watch the video.

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