16.1 Recap

Great job to everyone on finishing the first workout in the opens. 16.1 was a great test of endurance and how willing you were to get through another round of those dreadful burpees!

Congratulations to Mya Brubacher on her impressive score on 16.1 with 241 reps! This placed her in first place in Canada East in the 14-15 year old teenage girls division. Keep up the great work Mya!

Overall, week one of the opens was a success, especially on Saturday where a majority of the community showed up to create a high energy atmosphere for all the competitors in the open. We encourage you all to come out and have a blast with the community, and also to help push the competitors to their very limits. Thanks again to everyone who participated and helped out with judging the open workouts. Looking forward to seeing you all again this Saturday for the 16.2 squat clean marathon!

Best of luck


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