2016 CrossFit Opens are Coming!

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The CrossFit Open’s are almost here!

In case you don’t know, the Open is a five-week, five-workout competition and is held in CrossFit affiliates and garage gyms around the world. I know many of you might be thinking “I am not good enough at CrossFit to participate in any competitions”. Here are just three reasons why us coaches at CFW wouldn’t agree with that thought, and why we think you should all participate

  1. The Atmosphere. Words can’t do justice to describe how much fun and excitement the Open creates every Saturday within our community as we are gearing up for the workouts. This alone is worth it, even if you can’t make it every week. First we set you up in a heat with our other members based on your skill levels to keep you motivated during the workout. Then after a warm up and some tips from the coaches, it’s time for the WOD. The music is pumping, and so is your adrenaline. A crowd made up of our community members, competitors, and coaches cheer you on as you push yourself to be your best that day.
  2. To Set YOUR Bar, and Track YOUR Progress. Whether you are working out 3 times a week with the intent of continual improvement or 5 days a week plus additional work with the intent of qualifying for the regionals it’s always so important to track your progress. The Opens are the perfect opportunity to do so. Last year CrossFit introduced a scaled division to make this competition accessible to everyone. That means no matter what skill level you are at, there will be others in your shoes working through it. If this is your first year, it’s time to set the bar… plus you will automatically PR! If it’s not your first Open, you can compete with your former self and see if you finish at a higher percentile within CFW, our Region, and the World!
  3. Free Motivation. Sometimes, just wanting to be a better version of yourself is enough to come in and work hard every week. But it doesn’t hurt to know we are going to test this effort every March. All year round our programming at CFW is based on the Open season. So as we develop our skills over the next year, you will come in to every WOD with even more intent and purpose to improve, especially on the ones where you may have faltered.

There are several other reasons why we think you guys should all participate. Every year I still learn so much about CrossFit and myself during the Open workouts. I am pretty sure I will always fear those butterflies in my stomach right before the 3-2-1-GO, and equally love the high that strikes soon after that clock beeps to signal the end of the WOD. I still fight to embrace those butterflies as they are a necessary step to self-improvement.  Sign up because it’s fun, it scares you, and most importantly it will make you better.

The Open WOD’s will be done every Saturday at 11:30pm at CrossFit Waterloo. If you can’t make that time every week, you can also do the workout on a Friday during the Open Gym time at 6:30pm. If both of those times do not work and you really want to arrange another time to do it, talk to a coach or judge personally to see if they can come in at a time that suits you both. I suggest asking very nicely (I hear Coach Chris accepts whisky) as this will need to be done during their free time.

Coach Chris


Here’s the link to sign up, look for CrossFit Waterloo as your affiliate…


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