Dynamic Duo

UnBroken Partner Challenge

UB Double Unders 30-40-50-60-50-40-30
UB Kettlebell Swings 20-30-40-50-40-30-20; 24/20
UB Wall Balls 10-20-30-40-30-20-10; 20/16
UB Burpees 5-10-15-20-15-10-5

*partners 1 begins with 30 UB DU, once completed partner 2 completes 40 UB DU, keep alternating reps one movement at a time
*each time a movement stops, your partner completes the PENALTY
*once the penalty is completed the first partner will finish the remaining reps in his/her movement

1 RD of Cindy
(5 Pull-Up / 10 Push-Ups / 15 Squats)

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