CFW 6 Year shindig and then some


Hey CrossFit Waterloo community, we would like to remind you guys that on September 26th at 10:30am we will be having our 6 year community event. We will be doing Murph that day as a wod as there is no sweeter taste then doing a piquante aka spicy wod with some refreshments to follow. Don’t worry about signing up that day and just worry about getting your mind game ready for Murph! We will have some refreshments and finger food for after the workout. If you have been working on mastering a summer recipe feel free to share.

We also have reserved 20 spots at Batl Grounds at 4pm for some good ol’Axe throwing fun. If you wish to attend but can’t make the wod please email me at to let me know that you will be attending the axe festivities. If you will be attending the wod you can let me know then. Arrive a few minutes before and also plan to leave at a decent time as there is lots of construction around the downtown core and it may take you a bit longer to arrive. Plan to be there for 3hrs as they will take us all through the technique of throwing the axe prior. Do not wear open toe shoes and sorry you can’t bring your own pimping axe, but you can bring your own drinks. Leave the shots at home till later.

We look forward to having a fun day on the 26th and hope to see many of you!





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