Share your music and get on the CrossFit Waterloo Playlist!



Ever wondered what that new Eminem track was that Eddie was playing, where Chris hides all his obscure Foo Fighters tracks, or where Brent keeps his eclectic mix? Wonder no more! The CrossFit Waterloo coaches have teamed up and offered to share their playlists on one CrossFit Waterloo Spotify account.

Getting an inside look at the music that fuels your WOD is sweet, but we don’t want to stop there, we want your help to build a bigger and better list!

Follow the CFW Community Playlist on Spotify and add your own music to it, or share your playlists to the CrossFitWaterloo account or post them in the CFW Group on Facebook and have a say in what gets played and shared with others in the CFW community!

Bonus online playlists from coaches not on Spotify:

Nik – Drop-a-Beat Workout (Songza)




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