Three’s Company!



In teams of 3, or 2 if you want to work a little harder…

AMRAP4 at each station, one partner working at a time…
A. Wall Climb (must start in a push up and FULL control on the way up and down)
B. 100m Sprint
C. Burpee Over Box Jump (30/24)
D. 15′ Rope Climb (Scale with 8 Supines = 1 Rep)
E. Tire Flip
F. 250m Row
G. Muscle Up (Scale with 3 Ring Dip + 3 Chin Up = 1 Rep)

To score this workout there will be 2 scores… one will be for total reps of stations A, C, E, and G combined.  The other score will be total distance of stations B, D, and F combined.  Each Rope Climb is worth 5m.

Don’t forget your high socks or pants for the Rope Climbs! 


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