Yoga Update!

Hello Everyone!

There will be some small changes to Yoga with Jackie at CrossFit Waterloo.  Starting in December, you will see the Yoga classes just like any other class on the schedule and will be able to sign up for it just like any other class.  It will be free to members with unlimited memberships, and if you have a 10 pack you can use it towards Yoga going forward.  The big change is that we will offer Yoga on Thursday’s at 7:30pm again as we have received some feedback from you guys saying that it was a better fit as opposed to Saturdays.  It’s a perfect cool down if you would like to attend the 6:30 CFW Class, and Yoga right after.

For November we will be offering Yoga this Saturday at 9:30am and then we are taking a week off the following week as Jackie will be away.  Yoga will then resume Thursday December 4, at 7:30pm, and moving forward that will be the weekly class time. 


Jackie Klue, CrossFit Waterloo’s Yoga Teacher

If you haven’t tried Yoga yet, you definitely should!  In my opinion (and many world class coaches agree) Yoga has so many benefits that cross over to improving your Fitness skills.  If you have any flexibility restrictions, these classes are a must.  On top of that, Yoga has taught me proper breathing techniques, speeds up my recovery, and gave me better body (and positional) awareness.  In my own experience, the mental benefit is something that I started to understand and appreciate after some time of doing Yoga, and this is the biggest reason why I still practice.

Coach Chris

Here’s a write up if you are still on the fence…

Many people have misconceptions about yoga and use that as a reason not to go. Here are some of the things I hear on a regular basis that simply aren’t true.

Yoga is for women (at CFW, we have been known to call it ‘Broga’):
I’m not sure where this came from. Yoga is for everyone! In fact, many of the greatest yoga masters have been men. When you have a chance, look up Pattabhi Jois, B K S Iyengar, and Dharma Mittra. Also, many pro athletes practice yoga on a regular basis. The people who trained me teach yoga for the Pittsburgh Steelers!

I’m not flexible enough:
That’s okay! Flexibility is a BENEFIT of yoga, not a requirement. No one lifts 100lbs the first time they lift weights, so don’t think you have to do the splits the first time you go to yoga. It’s a gradual process!

Yoga is too slow, I’ll be bored:
Wrong again. Some styles of yoga are slower and focus on relaxation but not all of them! Some popular styles of yoga are faster-paced and are a great work out. Personally, I like to teach a faster class and keep things moving.

I don’t have the right clothes:
Wear whatever you want! There is no uniform for yoga. The media gives people the impression that you have to wear fashionable spandex to do yoga. Wear whatever is comfortable and you’ll be fine!

Everyone will be watching/judging me:
Again, yoga is a process. Anyone who practices knows that and won’t be judging you. Also, people are too busy focusing on what they’re doing to worry about you! Everyone is dealing with their own challenges, both inside and out.


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