Want to… Compete? More Work? Speed up Results?


If you would like to participate in the 2015 CrossFit Open, or even some local competitions, we will be offering some extra training during Open Gym times to get you to the next level just a little sooner. Last year anyone who attended improved their results drastically and had much more success in their training. Anyone can participate in the Opens, plus it is a great way to set some goals for the year and gives you extra motivation to stay focused on your training. You don’t need to be a CF Machine (just yet) to join the group! If you are not sure about competing, but would like the extra help it may be a great opportunity for you.

We also recommend you participate if you…
• normally attend 4-5 workouts weekly and would like more work
• complete about 50% or more of our WOD’s as prescribed on Whiteboard
• don’t have any major mobility issues
• have a journal that is being used regularly

What we will expect from you going forward is near perfect attendance (5 WODs a week plus 1-3 Open gym times), more efforts with your rest/diet, and full commitment to continually improve on your weaknesses. If you are thinking of attending the meeting please email us at info@crossfitwaterloo.com to let us know you are coming and to give us a heads up on how many people we should expect. If this Saturday is to short notice but you are interested email us anyways and let us know as we will accommodate the group according to the number of people that can’t make it this week.

If you are not sure if this is right for you or not ask Eddie or myself (Chris) if it’s something we would suggest you try out. If you are curious it doesn’t hurt to go to the meeting and see what it’s all about. It may not be for you just yet but could be a goal for you in the future.


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