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Hello CrossFit Waterloo Members,

As you may have already noticed we started our next cycle of programming a couple weeks ago.  Just so you have an idea of what to expect from each day for the next few months have a look below at the outline.  Some days may be ideal for you to consistently attend, and some days may be good ones for you to take a rest day.  However, remember that any day of the week will always work for you no matter what skill level you are at.

Before we get into those details, there are also a few small changes to our regularly scheduled classes coming in October.  Due to high demand and your feedback we will be bringing back Wednesdays at 9:30am.  Also, Open Gym will now be on Monday’s at 3:30pm, Friday’s at 6:30pm, and as usual Saturday’s at 11:30pm.


Programming Notes:

Everybody’s favorite day?  We will shake off your ‘restful’ weekend habits by starting the week with a shoulder building Press.  If you struggle with push ups, presses, and/or pull ups this day is a must.  The WOD will focus on some pushing and/or pulling… and of course some type of squats to wake up those legs early in the week.  Any week just doesn’t feel right if you miss a Monday WOD, so we hope to see you all starting your week right!

Squat Day.  The Squat is probably the most important movement to master when trying to get strong, burn fat, and most importantly to improve on your fitness level.  We will retool and alternate between the Front and Back squat over the next few months and test it out as we go.  If your goal is to be awesome at life, focus on making your squat magical.  We will end Tuesday’s sessions with a short and ‘sweet’ workout to get that heart rate going.  We’ll also target finishing off the upper body movements to compliment Monday’s movements.  We suggest you come to this class with the goal of improving your squat (whether it’s form or strength that you need) regardless of fitness levels as it will improve your results no matter what you intend to achieve!  We should see you all on Tuesdays.

Since we only recommend attending 3 days in a row to the more experienced members, this day will be used to build on the most technical movements. More specifically the Olympic Lifts (Cleans, Jerks, Snatches). If you are still relatively new, or only plan on attending 2-4 classes per week, or have a lot of mobility issues, Wednesdays may not be the best day for you.  The WODs will be simple “Open’s” style grinders to help prep us for the big comp in 2015.

You can expect to work on that flexibility with a good Mobility exercise to start the class (calm before the storm), and then a WOD that will give you a good hearty challenge.  If you are relatively new and rarely Rx’ing WODs, or have some mobility restrictions, or attending 3 days or less per week, or looking for a challenge, this day is a must.  We will be doing many of the fun CF Girls, Heroes, and WOD’s.  Make sure you track these WOD’s and compare them to your previous results if you have done them in the past to analyze your progress.  Put your helmet on and expect to sweat.

Fun Fit Friday:
Got Mid Line?  Our goal for Friday is to focus on strengthening the core.  Remember your lower back is also a part of your core and will also be worked on.  We will keep the movements random and fun.  Look out for lots of varying gymnastics skills and progressions of these skilled movements as well as some barbell core builders.  As you all know strengthening the core will translate to improving on everything you do at CFW and in life… the foundation of Function.  It’s a great day far any of our member’s to come in with the goal of building and learning how to activate the core in various positions.  Your progress will show as you start to improve on the tricky progressions to come.  And… expect more Squats for the WOD.

Drill Sergeant Nik will be challenging your fitness capacity with a wide variety of movements and workout styles we may not have seen much of during the week.  Again, expect to sweat.  If Thursday was a rest day for you then Saturday is a must.  A good vibe day at the box will be a combination of long challenging WOD’s, Partner WOD’s, multiple WOD’s, and Team Builders.  A great way for anyone to go into the weekend and lots of fun combined with hard work!

Remember that each day will be suitable for any of you!  These program notes are just a guideline and we recommend you try all the classes and days and see what works the best for you!  Be consistent and watch your progress move forward.  If you have any questions about what days would be best for you and your goals please don’t hesitate to ask Coach Eddie or myself.

Coach Chris V.

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