Long Weekend & CFW’s Anniversary Celebration!



As the long weekend approaches we would like to mention CrossFit Waterloo long weekend hours. Due to the holiday falling on a Tuesday and know some of you may be off Friday, Monday, or Tuesday we will be on reduced hours on Monday and closed on Tuesday. 

The Monday hours are posted (7, 11:30am, 5:30, & 6:30pm) please sign up if you are sure to come. However if you find that class is full, it does not mean you cannot attend. We will be accommodating the class to fit more than the 14 member cap we have, so do not miss your WOD if you are on a wait list or cannot book a class. 

Also we like to remind everyone that Saturday July 5th you will notice the classes as cancelled. This is due to our 5 year Birthday WOD festivities. We plan to commence around 11:00AM and try to keep the day going with little delays to make it a fun day. Plan to attend to all the events that day or come just for the food! 😉

Have a great Long weekend!


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