Earn your Rest AND Avoid the Penalties

2 Burpee Buy In + 5 Rd Death By Ball Slams (x5)
5 Ball Slams; 20/16lbs
10 Ball Slams; 20/16lbs
15 Ball Slams; 20/16lbs
20 Ball Slams; 20/16lbs
25 Ball Slams; 20/16lbs
*1 Minute Rest

400m Run
**1 Minute Rest

WallBalls; 20/16lbs
KB Swings; 24/16kg
Goblet Squats; 24/16kg

***200m Run

*Earn your rest – If Ball Slams are not completed within the minute; continue through the remaing reps until all rounds are completed moving to the 400m Run

**Earn your Rest AND Avoid the Penalty – If 400m Run is completed under 2 minutes Rest 1 Minute; If not completed under 2 minutes complete a 10 Burpee Penalty then move to Wall Balls

***Avoid the Penalty – If 200m Run is completed under 1 minute the WOD is done; If not completed under 1 minute complete a 10 Burpee Penalty to complete the WOD

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