Strength (10 Min T.L.):
Weighted Ring Dip – Heavy Single
(If you find your 1RM before time expires just use the rest of the time to perform heavy singles.  If you cannot perform a Ring Dip at BW, complete 30 Scaled Ring Dips.  Each rep should be challenging and you should not be able to do more than 2 at a time.  Break between each rep as needed.)
*Compare to April 23, 2014*

WOD (17 Minute T.L.)
Pull Ups
[11’/10′] Wall “Oh Yaaah” Balls (20/16)
* 7 Push Press (135/95)

Coaches Notes:
 I know we did some ring dips yesterday, but consider the 25 total we did as a good warm up for today’s 1RM test (suck it up butter cup)… As far as the WOD goes, if you aren’t going Rx’d on the Push Press weight, use a weight where you think you can do the first round of 7 unbroken… but still choosing a challenging weight that will perhaps need to be broken up in later rounds.  We are going a little higher on the wall ball targets today so use a lighter weight if you must to achieve the greater height.  Enjoy!
Coach Chris

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