Open reflection as the Regionals approach


For all those that took part in the Open congratulations on taking that step into competitive exercising. Most of you probably had a fun experience and also learned a thing or two about yourselves physically (14.5) and mentally. I am sure most of you have already started to think about next year and what you need to do to be more prepared.

The other day I walked into the gym and coach Chris says to me “Today is the day that we start training for the 2015 Open”. As I started my warm up that sentence resonated with me for a bit and I reflected on the 2014 Open and how I prepared myself the year prior. This being my 3rd Crossfit Open I can say I was the most prepared for this one and the results showed on the leaderboard. The preparedness did not come easy, to be even better in 2015 I need to again work on my weaknesses, and turn them into strengths. Since everyone hates working on their weaknesses this made feel a little exhausted thinking about it.

No matter what your weakness is – mobility, strength, gymnastics, Olympic lifting etc. – you need to set a goal and revisit that goal throughout the whole year. A year is a long time, things change, schedules get busy. However, if you set a goal then you will need to sacrifice things to make your goal becomes reality. Once you have identified your weaknesses then make it priority to address them, make a plan to constantly work on them and understand how to improve (CFW Coaches can help with this).

So as the summer months kick in and the excitement of the Open becomes a distant thought keep your goals, weaknesses and priorities in line and be prepared for 2015. It maybe a year away, but it does come quick.

Keep fit and have fun,

Coach Brent

P.S – I like to use percentages to determine how I did in the Open. The number of participating athletes is always growing so using a number like Top 250 is not always the best way to show improvement.


2013 Open I placed 252 out of 2880 (after the first workout) is top 8.7% in the region.

If placed the same in 2014:

252 out 4440 is top 5.6% which is a better result then 2014

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