Program Notes and BIG CONGRATS …. COACH PHIL!

Hello everyone,

Special Congrats to Coach Phil for officially getting his invite to the 2014 Canada East Regionals!  Phil has been working extremely hard all year and his results are a reflection of that.  He will be the first Individual Male representing CrossFit Waterloo and we are all proud of him.  The regionals will be held on May 16-18 and we will be filling you guys in on the details as soon as we get them.  We hope to get out as many of our community members as possible to cheer him on and support his efforts at the comp!
With the end of the 2014 CF Opens behind us, starts our first Phase of our training program for the 2015 CF season.  We will be breaking this season into 4 Phases, and before each Phase we will fill you guys in on some of the programming notes.  We do this to inform you guys on some of the specific skills we will be working on in a little more depth, what days would be more ideal for you based on your needs, and so you can create goals along the way that coincide with our program.  Use the goals as a motivational tool!

We will start the week right with the legendary Back Squat day.  The Squat is probably the most important movement to master when trying to get strong, burn fat, and most importantly to improve on your fitness level.  We will retool the squat over the next 8 weeks and test it out at the end.  If your goal is to be awesome at life, focus on making your squat magical.  We will end Monday’s sessions with a short and ‘sweet’ random workout to get that heart rate going and set the tone for the week.  We suggest you come to this class with the goal of improving your squat (whether it’s form or strength that you need) regardless of fitness levels as it will improve your results no matter what you intend to achieve!

Get those abs ready for the beach!  Our goal for Tuesday’s is to focus on strengthening the core.  We will keep the movements random and fun.  Look out for lots of varying gymnastics skills and progressions of these skilled movements.  As you all know strengthening the core will translate to improving on everything you do at CFW and in life… the foundation of Function.  It’s a great day to follow up from the heavy squats and fit for everyone to attend with the goal of building and learning how to activate the core.  Your progress will show as you start to improve on the tricky gymnastic progressions to come.

The mid-week focus will be on improving upper body strength.  If you struggle with push ups, presses, and/or pull ups this day is a must.  We will achieve this with a variety of barbell, body weight, and miscellaneous exercises to keep it fun and work on a common end goal.

You can expect to work on that flexibility with a good Mobility exercise to start the class (calm before the storm), and then a WOD that will give you a good hearty challenge.  If you are relatively new and rarely Rx’ing WODs, or have some mobility restrictions, or attending 3 days or less per week, or looking for a challenge, this day is a must.  We will be doing many of the fun CF Girls, Heroes, and WOD’s.  Make sure you track these WOD’s and compare them to your previous results if you have done them in the past to analyze your progress.  Put your helmet on and expect to sweat.

Fun Fit Friday:
We will ‘warm up’ with some more core and partner not-for-time skill work, and then complete a well balanced workout to improve on the skills we went through in the week… and expect some more squats!  With good variety, and lots of movements, it’s a great day for anyone to attend.

Drill Sergeant Nik will be challenging your fitness capacity with a wide variety of movements and workout styles we may not have seen much of during the week.  Again, expect to sweat.  If Thursday was a rest day for you then Saturday is a must.  A good vibe day at the box will be a combination of long challenging WOD’s, Partner WOD’s, multiple WOD’s, and Team Builders.


In other exciting news we will be offering Open Gym time soon so you can work on whatever you choose!  This time can be utilized to work on specific weaknesses, increase your training volume if you are ready for it, or to practice more complex movements with a coach’s eye on you.  We will have options, suggestions, and some programming tips for you guys posted during these open gym times to help you along the way.  More info will be posted soon on this topic.

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