Yoga and 2014 CF Opens Update

Hello CrossFit Waterloo!


It looks like we will be moving forward with the Yoga schedule we have been following.  Thursday at 7:30pm and Saturday at 9:30am seems to be working great!  We will still be offering yoga for free to our members for now and will let you know when that is going to change.

CF Waterloo Opens Update

After 3 weeks of the 2014 CrossFit Opens we have had some awesome results so far.  After a dominating result in 14.3 Shawn Brubacher is sitting in 17’th place in the Masters category in Canada East!  Coach Phil (Cress) is at a very impressive 29’th place overall in the individual male category which after 3 weeks of the Open is the best male athlete placement CFW has achieved so far!  Meghan Bester is in 98’th place, leading our women.  Team CrossFit Waterloo is sitting just barely in a qualifying position as of now in a tie for 29’th place.  Another notable is Coach Brent (Stockz) who is right in the top 100’th spot!  Check out our internal Leaderboard on our website to see how all the CF Waterloo CrossFitters are stacking up against each other… and if you want to see us compete come by Saturday at 1pm and help cheer us on!  Stay tuned tonight for the announcement of 14.4 (a chipper including Thrusters and Muscle Ups is my prediction)…


Coach Chris

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