Congrats Coach Nik!

Congrats to Coach Nik and wife Alina for welcoming their daughter Sofia into their lives last night!  At a healthy 7+ pounds she will be catching up to her daddy in his 1RM Dead Lift in no time!  All of us at CFW wish your family all the best.

WOD 1:
3 Rounds (with a partner)
12 Over Bar Burpees
10 UB Thrusters (95/65)
When one partner finishes one round the next partner goes, until both partners finish all 3 rounds.  This exercise is for speed however do not allow your mechanics in the Thrusters to falter.
***10 minute TL***

WOD 2:
2 Muscle Ups
6 Strict Pull Ups
18 Squats
***if you cannot perform MU’s then substitute 6 Ring Dips***


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