Feedback Please!

Hello Members,

As you all hopefully know, we are always looking for ways to improve your experience at CrossFit Waterloo.  Over the years one of the key contributors to us achieving that has been through your feedback.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns please don’t hold them back from us!  All of you fantastic community members have helped us shape our Box up to this point, and we hope that continues to be the case moving forward.

We have included an online “suggestion box” on our website for you to give us your feedback.  If you scroll over the “Contact Us” tab, you will see “Feedback” as a sub menu option. 

This is your chance to tell Coach Chris he needs a haircut and more dance music in his classes.  And by more I mean at least one song.  It can even be sent anonymously!


Speaking of fantastic members of our community… check out this message from Andrew Ghabbour who is travelling the world as we speak…


” Hey! I made it to base Camp [at Everest]. Couldn’t have done it without all the training from CFW. Both mentally and physically. Thanks guys!”


Good Luck Andrew and safe travels, we all miss you here at CF Waterloo!


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