Opens Day!

To honor the Opens 14.1 announcement coming later today we will complete the second Open WOD of 2011…

2+2 min Lacrosse Ball Glute Stretch
90+90 sec Calf Stretch

9 Deadlifts (155 / 100)
12 Push-ups
15 Box jumps (24/20)

Compare to April 6, 2013

Opens Announcement of the first WOD will be tonight at 8pm, and we can’t wait to see what Castro and his crew will have brewed up for us.  Coach Eddie thinks there’s going to be some Wall Balls, and I am thinking Thrusters… but only time will tell.  What do you guys think?  Remember you have until that time to register for the 2014 CrossFit Opens if you would like to participate this year.


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