Yoga’s back you supple Leopards

Supple Leopard

Good news to those that have been asking about yoga in the past weeks. We have been working at it and it is around the corner. CrossFit Waterloo will be providing free Yoga for about 4 weeks. Yoga will start up again this Thursday. That’s right this Thursday! During this time you will have a chance to experience different styles of Yoga, as we will be sampling different instructors within this time. All these instructors bring good strengths to the table and we would love as many to participate in their classes to provide us feedback.

We will offer Yoga on Thursday evening at 7:30 pm, which is a great way to end the day or have a great rest day. We also will be having a class on Saturday at 9:30 am, which we feel is another great way to spend the weekend! Again we welcome all feedback even if time suggestions are one.

Again yoga is back and for free, so you got nothing to lose. Unless you are mobile and flexible enough (I’m yet to see) or already have your own contraction at home to work on it.

On Thursday and Saturday we will have the privilege to have Jackie instructing us through the classes. She has a stronger background with Ashtanga Yoga and is sure to be a great class on both days!




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