Goals… have you set them yet!?

We are now well under way into the new year. As many of us know it, there are always many that set a “resolution” in the new year for better health. Usually about now it starts to stray and fall apart. I am not one to set “resolutions” in the new year ever. As we ask and talk about to you all we like to set “Goals” in the year… not just in the first few weeks of the new year.

Goals can be tricky as sometimes we get too excited and ahead of ourselves. If you are in the middle of thinking of goals or you haven’t started… then start now. It is always priceless when achieving your goals and this becomes contagious. Either within yourself or with others, but you will see that setting the right height/level of goal(s) will leave you wanting more once you achieve them.

When I set my goals I always think about:
1. Be realistic – Some times it is frustrating to think of goals as it may seem that there are many to that you may wish to achieve. However 1 goal at a time. It is not uncommon to hear someone say “I want to do a muscle up” or “Teach me how to Snatch” not thinking that those movements are definitely advance movements. If we could all be ninjas it would be boring. Be realistic and set a goal that is within reach with some efforts.

2. Set Progression Goals – Many of us always think of the big goals, which makes us overlook the many milestones/goals that are accomplished along the way. Multi-level goals are like progressions for movements. Every milestone/progression is an accomplishment with a bigger goal at the end. I like to set a goal that is mid-range and also a short-range one. These will help you maintain your momentum and assure your success for the long term goal.

3. Have fun – The fun comes with the challenge and the right mindset. If your goal is realistic and you have different levels of goals it will be fun and easy to not become frustrated as you will be focused on the right direction for yourself. Remind yourself it is for the better of you and to have fun. Goals aren’t meant to be barriers or to deteriorate you morale.

4. Verbalize your goals – It is easy to think of your goals, but make them known. Tell others about your goals, so they may help you achieve them by holding you to them. Also don’t be afraid of putting a picture of your goal where you will see it daily. It is always great to start and end the day with being reminded about your goal. This will help more then you may imagine.

5. Your goals are YOURS – This is simple; the goals you set should be yours. It is easy to hear others goals and confuse your goal for someone else’s. We see this all the time with our newer members. We don’t expect anyone to match/keep up with anyone in any class. In our “Element” classes I will tell the newer members that we just expect that everyone gives their hardest effort. Yet sometimes we hear “I don’t want to hold the class up or behind”. Hearing those words is like hearing the barriers being stacked up in front of them instantly. Know yourself to know your personal goal.

6. Don’t be greedy – As you begin to accomplish your goals it is easy to want to set more and accomplish more. This is not a bad thing, however this is where it can start to feel like work. Finish 1 goal at a time first and remember “have fun” and don’t make it work. One of the many reasons a lot of us love CrossFit is because it is fun. If it was work everyday we wouldn’t last.

7. Always remember where you started – The last thing that I personally fail often is forgetting where I started. It is so easy to forget where we all start as the years go by. I still have my journal from my first year of CrossFit. For the longest time I never looked at it and now look at it from time to time. Just to remind myself where I was when I first started. Don’t shadow your progression and success from forgetting where you once where. Sometimes this happens because of a dark time in your health. Whether it be because we started slacking, had an injury, or became overwhelm with life schedule and forgot to make time for ourselves.

I hope to hear many goals in the coming days and hope this blog helps many of you set proper goals and achieve them. We all must do this no matter how long we have being doing anything for. Where’s the fun in routine?

My 2014 goals are: a spring Half Marathon (to get the momentum going again with my conditioning aka my first Progression goal), Sweat RX competition in August (my second progression goal), a Fall Half Marathon (to beat a personal time that I will set), and last to compete in 2 bars 1 Snatch competition in November (mid-range progression to assure my CrossFit competition comeback). Good luck to all and lets get the fire lit!


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