Christmas Eve Team WOD

The big day is upon us almost. CrossFit Waterloo will be closed for as little as possible for the holidays. If you are unsure of the class times over the holidays you will notice the classes canceled on the scheduler. Those will be the times we will be closed (Half day Christmas Eve, Closed Christmas and Boxing day).

Also we will be doing a group WOD on Tuesday December 24th for the 9:30  and 11:30 classes to allow more then 14 people to get into a class. Our scheduler allows for only 14 people to sign up, but if you wish to come in at 9:30 or 11:30 feel free. Don’t worry if the class says it is full as we will be making a bigger class, so for this time feel free to pop in even if you didn’t sign up. Again this is only allowed for the 9:30 and 11:30 class tomorrow. The earlier classes will be regular classes, so sign up for those if you intend to come on in for that time.

Don’t be shy to wear your Christmas spirit!



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