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I participated in my second ballroom dance competition this past weekend Nov 29-Dec 1 with a huge improvement over my first competition in May. One of the questions I was frequently asked over the weekend was what I attributed my improvement to. The answer: confidence. The confidence gained from being physically fit, feeling strong, and having better posture meant that when I hit the dance floor my stage presence was that much better than before. I was told that I commanded the dance floor! Movements in CrossFit translate to the dance floor and allow me to move better, hold lunge lines without breaking a sweat, and learn choreography more quickly. I had the stamina and endurance to dance for 88 heats, netting 78 firsts and 10 seconds. After a full weekend of dancing, my recovery was quick and I was back for Monday morning squats. Thank you to all the CrossFit coaches for your guidance and support.

Jessica Vane

Jerssica Vane

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