Christmas Comp/WOD


Elf Chris

We are almost there! Tomorrow will be CrossFit Waterloo’s first competition. Again this is not to say that you must do the competition. It is optional and there will be 2 divisions. The scaled group and the Rx’d group. We will explain how the scaling will be done tomorrow. Also for those that are not sure if they are attending COME BY! There will be a great workout as well, that does not require you to compete. Just have fun during your WOD and meet other great members that you may not see during your workout time.

At the end of the workouts we will be announcing the results and winners to the Paleo Challenge. There will also be prizes for the WOD’S, so come by for a chance to win 1 of 10 total prizes.

If you will be attending tomorrow we will be getting started by 10:30am. Come a bit before to allow us to organize the heats for the workouts. As well explain the workout.

See you all tomorrow!

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