Yoga postponed, but returning!


Too all members with yoga 10 packs our yoga has been temporarily cancelled. As some of you may have heard Andi is no longer part of the CrossFit Waterloo team/community. Due to some conflict of interests to CFW it was decided to part ways. This will put our yoga classes on hold for now. However we will resume yoga with a new face in the coming weeks. We have already started the hunt for a replacement and if any of our members have a suggestion we are always open.

This will also allow for some changes in the yoga schedule in the near future. We will take this great opportunity to change up the schedule and the manner its presented to our members. We are open for suggestions for days and time of preference (as some of you have already suggested yoga on Thursday, which for a lot this is your rest day). Potentially partner stretches (not to scare off the macho man as we will make it comfortable for all), mobility to address specific positions in movements, or even a suggestion of a great yoga instructor you may know of. All suggestions are being considered, so feel free to provide any feedback that you may feel you wish to share.

With such changes that have occurred there will also be a “Suggestion Box” in each of the change rooms. Some of you have in the past chatted with us with feedback to improve our community and facility. We know sometimes not all feedback is voiced and for that reason in the coming weeks we will be putting up such suggestion boxes to allow our members to provide feedback at all times.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to all feedback,

Chris & Eddie

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