2 Bars 1 Snatch competition summary


Brent Eli Andi

2 Bar 1 Snatch Competition


As some of you know, three of your beloved coaches competed this past weekend in CompWod’s 2nd Annual – 2 Bars, 1 Snatch competition. As the name states this comp consisted of 2 guys (Coach Brent and Coach Eli) and 1 girl (Coach Andi). This is the second year in a row that CF Waterloo has entered teams into this competition. Notably, last years performance resulted in an earlier exit during the elimination rounds but a respectable tie for 5th place overall was achieved.

For those unfamiliar with the CompWod company their competitions are huge, and well ran. Their workouts challenge the all around skill of each competitor in an effort to find the fittest Crossfitters of the bunch. Over the course of one day 60 teams (180 competitors) filled into Crossfit Markham to test, and show their “competitive exercising” skills on a bigger stage then their local Crossfit.

The day started early and went late, it consisted of 5 workouts testing not only the individual skills of each team but also team dynamics. After 5 grueling workouts and a lot of waiting we were able to capture 3rd place overall in the top in top division. It was our ability to leverage each others strengths that gave us success throughout the day. Not one individual made our success, it was the team effort put forth by each of us that helped us get to the podium.

So now you know why the three of us may not have stellar form when demo’ing the exercises this week, our bodies are beat down, stiff and bruised. But it was worth it. If you want more info on the comp or just competing in general then don’t hesitate to ask. We are always happy to talk about.

Notable performances:

Andi – 165# 1 RM Thruster (20# PR)
Eli – easily matched clean PR of 245#
Brent – 450# Deadlift x 5 reps (and was able to walk after ;-))

Coach Brent

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