CrossFit Kids Update

As you may know our CrossFit Kids started in September. They are now into the 9th week of the CrossFit Kids/Teen program. As Jorge has mention “It has been an amazing opportunity for me as a coach to be working your kiddies”.

Over the last few weeks the CrossFit Kids group has focused on 3 of the 9 foundational movements in CrossFit and the CrossFit Teens group has focused on 4 of the 9 foundational movements in CrossFit.

As they have progressed through the squats they have recently started challenging themselves with the Overhead squat. We all know how challenging this may be and more importantly how important it is as a movement, where it has such great benefits as a movement. Just recently they have introduce the 5 Point Squat Drill, which is a neat and fun way to go through the 3 main squat movements. Here is a link on a great article that explains how the Squat Drill helps kids truly engage and quickly learn the continuity between the three movements.

Along, the way I have taught other fun movements that keep our CrossFit Kids engaged during warm ups, such as the Bear Crawls, Inch Worms, Broad Jumps and many more. My goal is to make every physical movement fun, engaging but all together effective in how they conduct movement.

I like to make sure we keep things fun, and challenge the kids/teens with new movements and skills. This has been great and has made it fun as CrossFit Kids is should be about Fun! Parents don’t be surprised if your child can do more double unders then yourself. To promote healthy fun living, we always finish with a game which has been a big highlight for kids. It’s a great way to finish the night off!

As we are about a month away from finishing the first term of CrossFit Kids, we are excited to see the potential your child can achieve in the remaining weeks. For any parent that is considering to have your child try it out we are offering 1 free week for your child to come in and try it out. They may commence at any time and a pro-rated rate is applied. Parents don’t forget we will taking a break over the Christmas break and we will start up again in January.

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