Hold On?!


2 minutes per side to mobilize chest with Lacrosse ball on post
4 minutes to accumulate as much time as possible at bottom of squat


5 Rounds
In 3 minutes complete…
Accumulate 30 Seconds of Chin over Bar hold (hands in chin up, not pull up position)
Accumulate 45 Seconds of Hollow Rocking
10 Hands Release Push Ups
Perform as many air squats as possible with time remaining in round

**Rest 90 Seconds after each round**
**Score is based on total number of push ups completed**

Just a reminder that Monday is the dead line to sign up for the Paleo Challenge. If you haven’t done it yet and want to learn how to look, feel, and perform your best this is your chance. Check out the white board or last week’s Blog for some more details.

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