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Hey members, here is a great blog that was posted today and Coach Brent came across. It is a great read for everyone and some of this information for some of you may be common sense or you will know, but it is great to always reflect on quality coaching, gyms, writting, the basics. The full blog is posted on the link and worth the read!


“A Call to Standards for Coaches, Owners and Athletes”

“Let’s change direction and highlight some gyms and people doing it right in the strength and conditioning world shall we?… A good warmup has three elements: increased blood flow, dynamic range of motion (DROM) exercises moving from smaller to larger muscular contractions and specific movement preparation for whatever lies ahead…if a class warmup consists of a 10min AMRAP with running, pull-ups and burpees…come on, we can do better people. This is your craft, invest everything you have in it!…Do you get annoyed by your coach chattering on about technique? Do you zone them out when they suggest strict pull-ups with a band instead of kipping pull-ups?…if your coach goes on further to explain HOW the workout should feel, at what intensity you should approach it and provides suggestions for fractioning reps or rounds…boy howdy you’ve found yourself a top-notch strength and conditioning home. Never let go.”

To read the entire article and for it to make sense click on the link below.

Poor form always hurts the eyes and goes noticed… DON’T be that guy!

Poor Squat

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