Programming Notes…

Hello CFW Community,

We have finished the last cycle of our training and will be starting the next cycle on Monday.  Over the last two weeks we have done some testing from last cycle, and some for the next cycle.  Looks like we have had some huge success with the previous cycle as we saw many of you crushing your pull up numbers, lots of PR’s with the Jerks, and as a group we PR’d 405 pounds of Back Squats, averaging 11 pounds per person!  Well done.

The next cycle will last from this week to Christmas.  Here is some more information about what to expect on our next cycle day by day.

Monday               To start the class we will continue to work on our Squats… the foundation of core strength is important for anyone trying to get fit.  If squatting doesn’t solve your issues, nothing will.  This is the most important day of the week and is the best way to start your week in the right direction.  The WOD will be short and sweet.  No matter what your fitness levels are, this is a day you should all attend.

Tuesday               This day will be meant to work on your body weight skills (gymnastics) and movements.  A perfect follow up to a heavy Squat day the day before and most Tuesdays you won’t even need a Bar Bell, unless it shows up in the daily WOD.  Again, it’s another perfect day to attend no matter where your fitness levels and skills are at. 

Wednesday         Since we only recommend attending 3 days in a row to the more experienced/advanced members, this day will be used to build on the most technical movements.  More specifically the Olympic Lifts (Cleans, Jerks, Snatches).  If you are still relatively new, or only plan on attending 2-4 classes per week, or have mobility issues, Wednesdays may not be the best day for you.  If that’s your situation we would recommend an active recovery day with some Yoga at 5:30pm. 

Thursday             You can expect a good Mobility exercise to start the class (calm before the storm), and then a WOD that will give you a good hearty challenge.  If you are relatively new and rarely Rx’ing WODs, or have some mobility restrictions, or attending 3 days or less per week, or looking for a challenge, this day is a must.  Put your helmet on and expect to sweat.

Friday                   The final week day will be somewhat of a review on many of the skills we went through in detail during the week and some movements we haven’t seen yet.  Maybe even some more forms of Squatting (hint) will be seen this day, along with the gymnastics and Oly lifting skills.  A good variety of movements and workouts will be done this day and it would be a great one for anybody to attend. 

Saturday              Drill Sergeant Nik will be challenging your fitness capacity with a wide variety of movements and workout styles we may not have seen much of during the week.  Again, expect to sweat.  If Thursday was a rest day for you then Saturday is a must.  A perfect day to attend no matter what level you are at and always a fun filled challenging good vibe day at the box. 

Make sure you have a journal handy every time you come in for a workout.  Track all of your days here, focus on your form every rep, attack your weaknesses by coming the days that hit them the hardest, and you will improve.  If you have any questions about our programming or are not sure what days would be best for you just ask myself (Coach Chris) or Coach Eddie for their input and we would be glad to review with you.


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