Halloween WOD 2013

Finally Halloween is upon us!!! This is exciting and as tradition there will be a Halloween WOD! In the past we have had fun on this day and have dressed up for a WOD or even for a night out. Start your planning of costume and get ready for some fun.

On Saturday October 26th at 10:30 am we will be holding a Group Halloween WOD. Plan to be here for 2 hours of fun and afterwards we will follow it up with some paleo or non paleo treats. If you have a new recipe that you would like to try out or share feel free to bring it in.

2009 The coaches where Cindy & Eva CrossFit girls
2010 The coaches where Dexter & Walter White aka Heisenberg
2011 The coaches where Fortune Cats
2012 Chris made it out to be Jamaican Bobsledder
2013… What will the year bring??!!! be there to see

Cindy & Eva AKA Chris & Ed

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