Full Clean
1-3 @ 50-60%
4-6 @ 60-70%
7-9 @ 70-80%
10-12 @ 80-90%
13-15 @ 90+

7 Halting Dead Lift (Where ever you finished on the Cleans)
14 Push Ups
7 Over Bar Burpees

Big Congrats to CFW’s very own Mike Majstorovic for making the front page of the Record yesterday. He ranked in the top three accordionists in Canada for the second year in a row and will be heading to Victoria, B.C., to compete in the Roland V-Accordion Festival finals on Aug. 22. When “Maj” isn’t playing accordion in front of thousands of people, you may find him at CFW in the middle of the heat wave wearing his sweat pants WOD’ing out, or in Coach Chris’s basement rocking out on guitar (bass, keys, pretty much anything else). Check out the link below to get more details!



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