Jerk Day

Balance Jerk w/ 2 sec Pause

5 Rounds

50 Double Unders
10 LS Turkish Situp; 20/12kg
10 RS Turkish Situp; 20/12kg
30sec V-Out Hold
6 Push Press
Rest 30seconds

With the Jerk Day theme in mind… thanks Bruce for sending us the link.
“Don’t get me wrong. I definitely care if you have been traveling for work for the past month or if you just had a baby or if you tore some ligament in a coed soccer game. It’s the vague excuses that I don’t care about like “I’ve just been busy” or “I can’t really afford it”. On the path to achieving anything great, life will always give you an easy way out. Most people take it. That’s why there aren’t more great people in this world. Weird how that works. These excuses are not CrossFit specific. They can be for any type of fitness, hobby, profession, relationship or whatever.”

You seriously need to read the rest found on the link below… Coach C.

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