Games are upon us!

CrossFit Games


Christmas weekend in July is!!! For those of you that have been waiting patiently as I have been for this weekend, it is finally here. If you are new to the CrossFit workout or haven’t caught the bug yet, perhaps you should tune in to the live streaming that will be on the Games website ( or some of you may be able to catch it on ESPN for live coverage. The workouts will be grueling and will have 1 single outcome… to find the fittest man, female, team on the planet. For all of us that have some CrossFit experience we will be able to appreciate the mental and physical strength that these atheltes will endure this coming weekend. For wod events/times you can check out . Don’t forget the times are Pacific time.

As some of you know Coach Chris will be working along with Erin Light. This is her first time at the games and we will be supporting them. I will be keeping our Facebook page up to date with day to day stuff/experience to try to make you feel like you are at the games with us :).

PS. For the Saturday Competitor class for those 24 that made the cuts we will NOT be running it this weekend. We will resume next weekend.


no rep Andi


Twas the night before CrossFit-mas… as Eddie said, and we are all excited for Wednesday’s action to open up the individual competition to the CF Games.  In case you haven’t been following on day 1 the athletes will be starting with a swimming and bar muscle up couplet in the morning, and then after that will be followed with a row… a half marathon’s worth of rowing… 21097 meters’s to be exact.  As mentioned above I am coaching CFW Original Erin Light so make sure to cheer her on and follow the action with the live stream and games website.  Here’s a quick article on Erin that says a lot about her work ethic and personality.


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