Last Call For Competitors!

In case you haven’t been to CFW recently, or if you missed the June 22’nd Blog on our web site, we are offering some extra training if you are interested in competing in the 2014 Opens. The extra training will be explained in greater detail at the meeting this Saturday, but it will be our intent to get you as ready as you can be for the Opens. Even if you are uncertain about competition, but feel you do more than half of our work outs as prescribed on the white board and can use some extra training, it may be worth your time (at no extra costs to you). If you haven’t read the June 22’nd blog, I would suggest you do so now for some more details just to see what it’s about. If you still have any questions or are not really sure if it is for you it doesn’t hurt to come to the meeting this Saturday at 1:30pm to see what it’s all about and if you qualify for it. If you plan on coming this Saturday, and have not emailed yet, make sure you do so before Friday so we have some numbers to work with.

At the meeting we will be doing some small testing to see if the minimum requirements are met as per the June 22 Blog. Just in case we get too much interest, we will need to cap the “Competitors Class” size and we will do this based on testing results.


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