Healthy and Longivitey

How can CrossFit shape help you? Sometimes it is hard to understand why or how it all works, but here is a little story for all.

Many of you may not be familar with Sam aka Saminator. He is one of our members that only comes at 6am. Rarely does he make his way to a Saturday 11:30/12:30 class. Sam is fairly new at CrossFit as he has been CrossFitting just under a year. In the past year he has seen big improvements. Like most of us he had some issues with his Range of motion. This was holding Sam back and as he stretched and continued the slow battle he has seen great gains. We could talk about the gains that he has had as he has had many, but that is not the point of this blog.

Recently Sam was in a severe Car accident and by looking at the pictures you wonder how anyone could survive. In the picture on this post (below) you may be able to see a car, if you look closely you see the “Honda” symbol that proves there’s a car and not a bunch of crushed cans. I have talked a few times with Sam since the accident. At first he clearly was shook up but we both were amazed that he walked away. The last time we talked Sam informed me that one of the Doctors that saw him through this ordeal made it clear to him that “The reason I didn’t break anything in the accident is CrossFit”.

We don’t get many testimonials like this and hope to keep it that way (we don’t like accidents), but this is why we harp on Functional movement/exercise. Sometimes it may not be clear why we need to invert ourselves into a handstand or do something nuts like Squat weekly, but there is science to the madness. An active body not only keeps you healthy, but a functional body keeps you safe. If working on strength, range of motion aka stretching, or skills isn’t on your radar of importance think twice. Spending a few hours a week will change the quality of life you have and protect you.

We wish a fast recover for Sam and look forward to his return… even if scaled. The Saminator will be back!

May everyone have a safe long weekend,


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