To ALL potential Competitors?

If you would like to participate in the 2014 CrossFit Open, or even some local competitions, we will be offering some extra training on Saturday’s at 1:30 to get you to the next level just a little sooner. You don’t need to be a CF Machine (just yet) to join the group; however we will list a few requirements for anyone that is interested. If you are not sure about competing, but meet the requirements below it may be worth your time to look into it anyways. We will have a meeting for all that are interested on Saturday July 6, at 1:30pm at CFW.

Members Required to…
• be able to Squat below parallel safely
• normally attend 3-5 workouts weekly
• complete about 50% or more of our WOD’s as prescribed on Whiteboard
• Clean 135/95 once
• do at least 1 unassisted pull up (men)
• do at least 1 pullup with a purple band (women)
• have a journal that is being used regularly
• do one proper knee to elbow
*note that the requirements are there to get you into the first phase of training and will be adding some additional requirements for the second phase in the fall.

If you are thinking of attending the meeting please email us at to let us know you are coming and to give us a heads up on how many people we should expect… and wear your workout clothes ;).

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