Test/De-load Weeks Ahead!

Many of our members have noticed some trends going on at the box lately with our programming…Back Squats Monday, HSPU’s or T2B’s Tuesdays, Cleans on Wednesday, and the list goes on. For the past few months Eddie and I have strategically put together a template and plan to help our community improve on some specific movements that will strengthen their overall performances. We still balance out our weeks by programming in all of the other CF movements we have all grown to… love?… but we feel by working on a few of the same skills for a period of time on the same day, we will notice some drastic improvements. And we have. For example our work capacity on Back Squats has been moving up every week (maybe without you guys even noticing) and many members have been moving right up with it. Several people have finally achieved a steady kipping T2B/K2E technique with consistency, or at least started to improve on their ability to kip in general. And many people are even catching on to the difference between a Power Clean, Hang Clean, and Clean. If you don’t know, PLEASE Google it… 10% off for the people who DON’T ask us what a Hang Clean is right before the workout starts, after we have been teaching it in the warm up just minutes earlier (the 10% will be added to the fees of the people that DO ask).

We will be starting a new cycle of some different movements/skills in the weeks to come (details will follow in another blog), however for the next two weeks we will be testing some of the things we have been working on to see how much we have improved by… and we will be testing some other skills that will be coming up in the program to give us a baseline. We also call this a De-load week because we want most of your energy going into the testing, and not into the meatier style WOD’s we occasionally program that leave you unable to shampoo your own head for a day or two. If you CF with us often, and are looking to improve, make sure you attend the days you usually attend, and make sure you have your journals there to record your progress. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Chris and Eddie

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