Congrats CFW Original Erin Light!

Erin Light, just this past weekend, has finished 2’nd in the Canada West Region, and is headed for the 2013 CrossFit Games in California!

Erin started her Training with us here at CrossFit Waterloo after her years of Gymnastics training had ended.  Right when Erin started her CF journey with us a few years ago, us coaches immediately noted her potential.  Since then she had moved to Whitehorse to pursue a career, and has continued her CrossFit training.  Last year before Regionals, I had the pleasure to help Erin with her programming leading into the final weeks where she had earned an impressive 11’th place finish in the 2012 Canada West Regionals.  This year Erin was determined to beat her 11’th place result and as you can see the goal was surpassed.  Again this year Erin had asked me for some help with her programming in the months leading up to the Regionals.  Her Program Volume and Intensity turned into many long and hard fought battles at the gym every day, and that is likely an understatement.  Erin’s inspirational work ethic earned her some very impressive numbers, and paired with her mental toughness, I knew she was not far off from earning a trip to Carson (but of course her modest nature had not been convinced).

Thanks for being a motivator to us all and we will see you at the Games… congrats and good luck!

Chris Vranes




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