I AM PALEO 5 Challenge!

The Paleo Challenge is coming just in time for the beach season! Learn how to achieve peak health, how to eat, sleep, and maximize your results in the gym. The weigh in and measurements will be done on March 30, 2013 at 1:30pm. There is an optional seminar right after the weigh in. The actual challenge starts April 7, 2013 and goes for 30 days. See the whiteboard for more details including cost and what you get for entry.

2012 30 Day Challenge Best Results:
Most Weight lost – Chris L – 20 lbs.
Most Inches Lost – Helen T – 4.5 inches off waist and hips
Most Body Fat % Lost – Thom W – 5%

Rules Include:
-NO GLUTEN EVER (even during cheat meals) because Gluten is the devil!
-NO Beans/Legumes ever… including peanuts as they are not nuts… I know, it’s crazy, Google it.
-No Dairy, except in small doses during cheat meals (sprinkling cheese, natural ice cream, etc).
-3 Cheat meals per week are acceptable. Keep portions to one plate or bowl.
-Alcohol is ok once a week, remember keep it gluten free, best choices are red wine or tequila… or red wine with tequila for a really good time… and then likely a really bad time.
-You must work out a minimum of 3 times per week and record your workouts in the workout log. If you can’t make it to CFW for the minimum 3 WODs you must do something else that is measurable. A 5km run, a homemade body weight WOD, or an hour of Zumba (this is not acceptable for the guys) are all forms of exercise. Non action sports (golf, darts, baseball), leisurely activities like playing with your kids, or excessive vomiting from all the red wine and tequila’s are examples of what’s not enough to count as exercise.
-1 or 2 Fruit per day max, berries are best, then apples/oranges/pears, avoid bananas.
-1 handful of nuts per day if you would like, but no more than that.
-Aim for 8-9 hours of Darkness per night.
-All you eat and drink must be recorded in the meal planners or in some type of journal.
-Drink as much water as possible, and record how much you are drinking in your journal.

Coach Chris

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