Threshold 2013

As some of you already know, CrossFit Waterloo had sent 9 athletes to compete this past weekend at the Threshold competition held at CrossFit Toronto (Coach Andi, Coach Brent, Brad Bechtloff, Karla Tetzel, Kat Ackerman, Jessica Vanderloo, Shelley Stockie, Sherry Rehkopf, and myself Coach Chris). After 2 qualifying events, all of the athletes got placed into 3 divisions based on their performance. The first event was a ratio of your 1 Rep Max Thruster vs. your body weight what proved to be a little controversial as CF in general is intended not to be biased to weight. The second event was the always classic and unforgiving Tabata Something Else. The final 3 events included Snatches, OH Lunges, Front Squats, Double Unders, KB Snatches, Power Cleans, and Ring Push Ups… the first two events were capped at 10 minutes, and the final event of the day was a 7 min AMRAP.

Partly due to the controversial Body Weight ratio in the first event, Brent and Brad were both placed in the C Division where they stood out like sore thumbs, but in a good way. It seemed like most of their competition came from each other as they dominated their divisions and placed first and second (respectively) with ease. First time competitor Karla was also placed in the C Division, after making a slight rookie miscue in the first event that may have cost her a spot in the B. More importantly, she did get some very beneficial and well earned experience due to that and made the best of it by finishing on the podium anyhow with a 3rd place finish there.

First time competitors Kat, Shelley, and Sherry were all placed in the B Division where they all did very well and all hit some new accomplishments during the comp. Kat strung together 5 pullups in a row for the first time, Shelley did her 1RM for reps in WODs on two separate occasions, and the newest CrossFitter of the 9 person roster Sherry finished 4th after also pulling out some new PR’s throughout the day!

Also first time competitor, Jessica had one of the most impressive Tabata Something Else numbers of the day and earned herself a spot in the A division where she ended up in 8’th place. Very well done Rookie! After a shaky start in Event 1 in the A Division, the next 2 WODs went much better for myself and brought me a 6’th place overall finish. Perhaps the most impressive result belonged to Coach Andi where she had strong showings in all 5 of her events throughout the day and finished 2’nd overall in the A Division.

Be sure to congratulate all of our competitors as it was a great effort by all and CFW showed we were there to make noise and stand on some podiums!

Coach Chris

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