Mobility Workshop Part II

Here it is guys. Part II of our mobility workshop. This will be again a 2 day workshop, but if you can only attend 1 day then that is fine. We strongly encourage to attend both days as there will be a lot of information and some of the issues will only be looked into 1 of the days.

Make mobility as important as your other healthy goals if not the #1! This time around we will be focusing on the end position of your Overhead squat, and how your positioning should maintain throughout the midline and shoulders.

Date: February 23rd (Saturday); OH Positioning
March 2013; Shoulder/Midline stabilization

Time: 1-3pm (on both dates)
For: This is free for all our members
Location: CrossFit Waterloo

This will not be a treatment clinic, we will be focusing on the importance of Mobility. As well we will define the difference between Mobility and Flexibility. We will be spending the time working on improving the finishing positions and why we are restricted to achieving the position. There will be time where we will put all the information that will be delivered in this workshop to use by practicing and retesting movements.

The workshop will be held by Dr. Porr and your coaches of CrossFit Waterloo. Make sure to sign up with one of the coaches!


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