YOGA Starts!

Looks like our first officially registered yoga class will be on Wednesday October 10, 2012 at 6:30pm. For a limited time we will be doing the “first time is free” thing so if you haven’t ever done yoga before or if you want to see how it works at our facility now is the time to try it!

To register just shoot us an email for now, however as soon as you purchase a 10 pack you will be given access to sign up online just like our regular classes.

Our YOGA schedule going forward will be:
Wed @ 6:30pm (class actually starts at 6:40)
Fri @ 10:30am (class actually starts at 10:40)
Sat @ 10:30am (class actually starts at 10:40)

YOGA price list
10 Pack Regular Rate: $100
10 Pack Family Rate: $85
10 Pack Member at CFW Rate: $70
(all rates subject to HST)

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