Outside the Box

I overheard a conversation between a couple of my friends the other day talking about their current gym memberships, and why they chose these particular gyms. The conversation sounded like “every treadmill has its own TV… so many people I know go there… it’s so close to home… they have long hours so I can go anytime… the change room has a sauna and tanning bed… and it is cheaper than other gyms.” As this conversation continued, I noticed one outrageous similarity between all of their reasons; they had NOTHING to do with fitness!

Maybe people neglect talking about the actual fitness aspects of these typical gyms because in most cases, that’s not where these gyms excel? Why is it that there is a TV for each person, but one drinking fountain for the entire capacity? How come in all the years I have spent in these gyms I can’t recall a single time a staff member approached me with some valuable information or a lesson without billing me for it? And more importantly why is it that the people around you that have been coming for months or even years still look relatively the same? In fact, almost everybody I know has a gym membership, yet majority of these people are not fit.

As a coach, I feel my mission is for all of the people I train to be as fit and healthy as they can be. Sure, any fitness facility will provide equipment; but more importantly will you be provided with the proper instruction, motivation, and knowledge you need to get you to achieving your ultimate fitness/health levels?

Our goal is for future conversations about our facility to sound like “the staff provided me with great fitness education… I come out of every session motivated… the work out was tough but I feel great… the community is supportive, like a family… and my overall quality of life has improved since becoming a CrossFit Waterloo member.” Most of all, we want our box (fitness facility) to provide results… because after all… why else would you go to a gym?!

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