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  • Just hangin around on some rings
    Just hangin around on some rings
      1) Gymnastics Strength EMOM 10 1st min: 8-15 Ring Dips 2nd min: 15-20 sec L-sit Hold (Parallettes)    Note: Choose a progression that will allow you to work for no more than 25 sec. If you are working for more than 25 sec scale your reps...
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  • No time to watch
    No time to watch
      1) Strength Skill (20-25 min) Tempo Front Squat 4×5 (4 sec Descent + 3 sec Pause) Note: Working sets can start anywhere from 50-60% of your 1 RM depending on skill and strength level.  Avoid building to a 5 RM. The focus of this cycle to...
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  • Partner biking... not so bad
    Partner biking… not so bad
      1) Conditioning (8 min) In partners… Double Tabata (20 sec on, 10 sec off) ME Cal Assault bike calories Note: Alternate partners every 20 interval. The partner not working will rest 30 sec in total. Each effort should be at 90-100% effort. 2) WOD (20 min)...
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