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News & WOD

  • Saturday Morning Problem #2
    Saturday Morning Problem #2
    50-a-40-b-30-c-20-d-10-e-x KB Swings; 24/20 DU a- 4/3/2 b- 8/6/4 c- 12/9/6 d- 16/12/8 e- 20/15/10 a, b, c, d, e, equals reps OF: Deadlift; 135/95 Hang Clean; 135/95 Push Jerk; 135/95 x = the # of times you rest/break up the KB Swings...
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  • Competitors Class: Double Fun
    Competitors Class: Double Fun
    1) Snatch Part 1: Technique Practice: Hi Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch *Pause in the catch for 2-3 sec Part 2: Hang Snatch (3 sec pause in hang) + Full Snatch 2) Double WOD: For Time (18 MIN CAP): 3 Rounds 75 Squats 10 Muscle-ups (Ring) 5...
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  • Tabata
    Strength BOX Squat Wide Stance 8-8-8-8 WOD “Tabata” Row Burpees Thruster; 75/55lb Do all 8 rounds of 20sec on 10sec off for first movement before movement onto 2nd/3rd...
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