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  • Assault those Kettlebells and Conditioning!
    Assault those Kettlebells and Conditioning!
    WOD 1 For Time (10min T.L.) 150 KB Swings; 32/24 EMOM do 2 HSPU WOD 2 4 Rounds (10min T.L.) 250m Row 5 Burpees Rest 60 seconds This  is intended to be done at full efforts to achieve aerobic, anerobic, and VO2 max capacity. Then focus on breathing...
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  • What a Jerk!
    What a Jerk!
    Clean & Jerks Level 1: Muscle Clean + Press Level 2: Power Clean + Push Press/Jerk Level 3: Full Clean + Push/Split Jerk *For levels 2 & 3, choose an appropriate position that you need work on (Hi Hang, Hang, Floor). From there complete sets of 3...
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  • Float Like Ali
    Float Like Ali
    Skill Skill: Triple Unders 10 Minutes Level 1: Running/Single Skips Level 2: Double Unders Level 3: Triple Unders *Choose a level and work for 30 sec and rest for 30 sec. The 30 sec of work is meant for you to work on your technique. WOD AMRAP...
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