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  • Focus on a Straight Line
    Focus on a Straight Line
    1) Gymnastics + Accessory (10 min) Level 1 – Handstand Development Level 2 – Handstand Walking 3 rounds 10 handstand steps (Forward +Backwards + Right + Left) 16 (8 RS + 8 LS) Windshield Wipers (Floor or Pull-up Bar) Note: If lateral handstand walking is not an...
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  • Ready, Set, Snatch
    Ready, Set, Snatch
    1) Gymnastics Skill Ring Muscle-ups 2) WOD (20 min) “AGOQ 17.1” For Time 100 Dumbbell Snatches (50/35 lb) 80 Calorie Row 60 Bar Facing Burpees 40 Ring Muscle-Ups Note: Paralettes can be used for the bar facing burpees as well. 3) AP Assault Bike 5 min Easy...
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  • CrossFit Waterloo Games Registration
    CrossFit Waterloo Games 2018 Registration, Here’s a quick rundown on how to register for CrossFit Waterloo Games / Open Competition: Option 1: Register remotely through your MindBody account (Computer) Sign-in to MindBody and click the “Events/Competitions” Tab Click on “Sign Up Now!”, and proceed to “Enroll” Click...
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