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News & WOD

  • The Seperator Beta
    The Seperator Beta
      Skill/Strength Muscle Up WOD For Time (16min T.L.) 12 Handstand Push-ups 15 Back Squat; 135/95lb 20 Over Bar Burpees 9 Handstand Push-ups 18 Front Squat; 115/85lb 20 Over Bar Burpees 6 Handstand Push-ups 21 Overhead Squat; 95/65lb 20 Over Bar Burpees...
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  • CrossFit Games 2016 comes to Town
    CrossFit Games 2016 comes to Town
      The CrossFit Games 2016 are well under way already and the Canadians are looking strong as the games are about half way through. There are 3 Canadians in the top 10 currently (male/female). Come out today for our 7 year Anniversary WOD!!! Wod… or wod’s to […]...
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  • Touch and Go Bears
    Touch and Go Bears
      Skill/Strength Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 Increase weight from previous week if the movement was done properly WOD 4 For Time (14min T.L.) 12 V-Sits 6 Chest To Bar Pull-ups 3 Bear Complex; 135/95lb 6 Chest To Bar Pull-ups 12 Reverse Sit-ups Do the Bear Complex as a […]...
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